ChickPeas USA

Healthy Lebanese / Mediterranean Restaurant in Orlando, FL

We specialize in serving ancient, delicious food of Lebanon, delivered in a quick-service restaurant. Guests can enjoy our Shawarma, Grill, Falafel, Tabbouleh, and other offerings.
Our Shawarma business is unique, in that our food is
healthy, tasty, and yet very affordable.

Delicious Mediterranean Cuisine at Chickpeas USA - Mediterranean Food Restaurant Orlando

Why Choose ChickPeas USA ?

  • Specializing in Lebanese, Mediterranean Cuisine.
  • We offer Catering Services
  • We serve Delicious Food
  • Our menu is infused with healthy superfoods and synonymous with the famous Mediterranean Diet.

Our Mediterranean Restaurant is located near Universal Theme Park, Seaworld, Disney World & Orange County Convention Centre in Orlando, Florida.

For Delicious & Healthy Lebanese Food, Visit ChickPeas USA in Orlando, FL

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